Tree Eastie is an urban forestry program focused on tree education, planting and maintenance. Our goal is to increase the tree canopy in East Boston which, at 7% is the lowest in the city. We have planted over 160 trees since signing a formal agreement with the City of Boston.

Tree Eastie planted 22 new street trees in East Boston during November 2022. If you would like more information on these trees or volunteer to help dig holes and plant the trees, please email treeeastie@gmail.com. Below is a list of our most recent tree planting locations.

250 East Eagle StServiceberry
242 East Eagle StCrab Apple
50 Monmouth StSweetgum- fastgiate
61 Monmouth StAmerican Elm
129 Eutaw StFlowering cherry
47 Lexington StRed maple
270 Princeton StPin Oak
271 Princeton StFlowering cherry
458 Saratoga StRed maple
333 Saratoga StPin Oak
49 Everett St.Crab Apple
62 Everett St.Flowering cherry
72 MarginalFlowering cherry
245 Sumner StRed maple
71 Webster St.Flowering cherry
223 Webster St.Serviceberry
156 Porter StPin Oak
58 Bennington StRed maple
101 Chelsea StPin Oak
34 William Kelly SqRed maple
94 Horace StPin Oak
1201 Saratoga StCrab Apple

In June 2021, Tree Eastie is introducing a new Adopt A Tree Program. This will allow residents to claim a tree or two in their neighborhood and sign up to water the tree each week. Click here to learn more. http://treeboston.org/adopt

Urban Tree Canopy Cover

Help us plant trees to reduce air pollution, dampen noise, beautify our community and more.

Contact info@treeeastie.org for more information.